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Building Web3 Ecosystems

Driven by Purpose

Education & Research

BTKN offers a broad range of educational materials and research programs tailored to help individuals and organizations easily grasp and apply web3 technologies and applications.

Events & Meetups

BTKN specializes in organising and managing conferences, meetups, and forums that unite industry leaders, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and government representatives, fostering fruitful public-private and B2B partnerships and thriving communities.

Culture & Community

We are dedicated to nurturing a culture grounded in purpose-driven values and practices that unleash the power of innovation and organically grow communities around it. 

Communications & Marketing

BTKN crafts compelling media content that effectively communicates and markets web3-driven products, services, and experiences. Our strategic approach ensures that the essence and value of purpose-driven initiatives are conveyed with clarity and impact.

Web3 Digital Solutions

At the forefront of innovation, BTKN develops and delivers web3 digital solutions that are instrumental in forging purpose-driven ecosystems. From decentralized applications and tokenised assets to metaverses, our consultancy services provide the expertise necessary for organizations to harness web3 technologies to their full potential.


Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network (BTKN) facilitates the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable digital economy by building thriving web3 ecosystems. Built on blockchain technologies and the power of networks, web3 ecosystems stand as a testament to a higher purpose: building more inclusive societies and sustainable economies that extend beyond the pursuit of profit only and benefit their members and the natural world.

Since 2018, BTKN has been at the forefront of this transformation. Founded by Dr. Andrzej Gwizdalski at one of Australia’s premier universities, BTKN began as a knowledge collective, supporting education, research, and public events. Over time, responding to growing demand, the registered BTKN business expanded to offer professional services advancing Web3 innovation and entrepreneurship. As a beacon of knowledge, BTKN remains committed to the core values of Web3, creating ecosystems that uphold these ideals for the greater good.



Get in touch if you think we can solve some of your issues or develop collaboration. Please mind not all our services are free, so do not be shy and ask about the price. We care about privacy and do not ask you for any sensitive information and do not share ours unless necessary. We  do not respond to spammers and marketers.  

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