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During this unit on using blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in business, I learned more about what this new technology can do and how complicated it is. Blockchain has become a powerful force that affects all businesses, and learning about its many different parts has been both illuminating and thought-provoking.

One of the most essential insights I’ve received is the decentralised nature of blockchain. Blockchain, unlike prior centralised systems, enables for peer-to-peer interactions, removing the need for intermediaries and enhancing participant confidence. I recognise that blockchain technology is a change agent, not just a technological advancement. 

Our team project enables us to completely develop concepts while assuming a budget of Million Dollar. I freed my mind out of limitations by thinking about several subjects I hadn’t thought about previously. The support and guidance from our teacher for our research section, allowing us to better understand the overall approach, is priceless. It is a great opportunity to think creatively, and challenge conventions in the blockchain industry.

Our final assignment of DAO is interesting and engaging. Contributing to The Book of DAO as part of a DAO founded by our teacher is a unique and practical approach to put the topics we’ve learned in class into practise. This time, I’m not only learning more about DAOs, but also seeing firsthand the potential of decentralised decision-making and community collaboration. It is a fantastic learning opportunity.

This blockchain class has provided me with a full understanding of the fundamental concepts, applications, and difficulties associated with this game-changing technology. I now recognise blockchain’s transformative power in changing sectors, encouraging innovation, and developing more transparent and secure processes. I am excited to learn more about blockchain and contribute to the advancement of this game-changing technology with you all as I continue on my route beyond this unit.