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Ah, blockchain – the buzzword that has taken the world by storm! But who said learning about it couldn’t be an absolute blast? In this blog post, join on an adventure-filled 12-week rollercoaster ride where blockchain education turned into an unforgettable experience. From engaging discussions over pizzas and cold ones to crafting a tokenized CV website, our journey in this unit was like no other. And wait till you read about the mind-blowing final exam! Let’s dive in!

Week 1: A Toast to Beginnings

As our professor walked into the room, the air buzzed with excitement. He wasted no time delving into the foundations of blockchain technology, the history of money and asked us so many questions that made us re-evaluate the way of life. Extremely interesting!

Weeks 2-4: Controversies and Crypto Debates

If you thought learning about blockchain was all rainbows and unicorns, think again! In these weeks, we explored the controversies surrounding cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and the infamous blockchain scaling debate. But guess what? Our intense debate was accompanied by candy, refreshments, and pizza, making even the most complex discussions feel like a friendly gathering at the local pub.

Weeks 5-8: From Ideas to Reality

Time to put theory into practice! Each group in the class embarked on their hands-on projects – creating blockchain based websites to decentralize and securely store medical data, to cast votes and to get expensive watches serviced. My group created a website that tokenized CVs; we developed our website, and recorded and edited an advertisement video. The energy our team had was palpable, fueled by our collective passion to solve the problem we had identified, and the anticipation of seeing our project complete.

Weeks 9-11: Exploring Blockchain’s Dark Side

This phase took us into the depths of blockchain’s underbelly. We dove into discussions on social and ethical impacts, privacy, security, and the potential for misuse. It was an exciting, thought-provoking time. We also finally saw our projects to completion and when we finally presented ours, it was nothing short of magical!

Week 12: The Epic Final Exam

Final exams are usually met with dread and anxiety, but not this one! Our professor went above and beyond to make it engaging and interesting (of course with the help of pizza and cold drinks). We found ourselves creating fun little pieces of art which would then become our utility NFTs, providing us access to our very own DAO! Our class collaborated and co-created a DAO for our final exam, and then co-wrote a book about it! If this isn’t unconventional, I don’t know what is.

As our 12-week blockchain adventure came to an end, we are going into the semester break with minds buzzing with knowledge and fond memories of this amazing class. Learning about blockchain was no longer just a dry academic pursuit; it had become an exhilarating journey filled with pizzas, drinks, and like-minded peers.  We have created, debated, and explored, all while having the time of our lives. If you ever get the chance to learn in such a dynamic and engaging manner, seize it without hesitation. You won’t regret it.

Now who’s ready for some more blockchain adventures? Pizza and drinks are optional, but highly recommended!