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My journey this past few weeks have been incredibly eye-opening. Looking back at my self- introduction video, the only thing I knew about blockchain was the media discourse regarding NFT. But through the guidance of out unit coordinator, I have learned so much more than what the public knows about blockchain. Not only the technical aspects of blockchain, but I was also especially interested in its applications and ethical considerations. Web 3 is no longer a just technology, it has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of daily lives. It challenges the centralised systems we have right now and enables complete freedom for society. Additionally, since it offers full transparency, it could prevent corruption and crimes of big corporations. The group project enabled us to think creatively, applying the concept of blockchain we learned in class. Not just the technical aspects of the technology, but also social, legal, ethical aspects of Web 3 itself. I especially love how our professor gave us the opportunity to expand out projects outside the realms of UWA and encouraged us to be original thinks/ entrepreneurs!

Being able to complete the exam through non-standardised methods, I was able to expand my studies outside just memorising concepts and theories. Participating in a DAO was interesting as we were able to practically see how DAOs work and its participatory aspects. This was linked to my section in the book. Furthermore, creating the NFT with my classmates was very engaging and meaningful to me. To be able to see my own artworks, along with everyone else’s personal stories and pathways, is something you cannot put monetary value on it.