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First of all, I think the course BUSN5001 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Business really helped me broaden my horizons in blockchain and virtual collections. This course started from introducing the background story and basic logic of the entire blockchain and taught us step by step to immediately and finally manually practice and participate in the entire NFT market. Including creating an account, transferring money between classmates, creating your own NFT and putting it on the real NFT market for sale, and finally the million-dollar project led by the tutor to teach us step by step through practice. Participate and gain a better understanding of how the entire blockchain works.


What interests me the most is the final million-dollar project. The tutor led each of us to create our own works and finally put them together into a completed NFT. This activity is very novel, I have never imagined it. At the same time, each of us will also annotate our products to let other people and potential buyers understand the story behind every small NFT contained in the entire NFT. This activity gives each of us enough freedom to create whatever content we want as long as we grasp the boundaries, but at the same time, the final product connects all of us to work together for a goal, so I think This million-dollar project is really meaningful. 


Overall, this course taught me a lot and transformed me from a newcomer with no knowledge of blockchain to a “professional” with some basic knowledge and personal experience. After the whole semester, I also think that the design of the whole course is very reasonable and compact but not too busy but also very interesting. In the end we love the Pizza Night!