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As we close out this unit, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to study BUSN5001 in my first semester, and I would like to express my sincere appreciation for my instructor’s guidance throughout this unit. In this simple reflective journal, I will summarise the learning outcomes I have gained in the unit and share my practical experience.

In our on campus seminar, the instructor’s explanation gave me a deeper understanding of the working principle of the blockchain, consensus algorithms and smart contracts. I learned that the principle of blockchain is a decentralised distributed ledger technology that can ensure the transparency, immutability and security of transactions. These seminars provided me with the opportunity to have in-depth discussions and exchanges with my classmates, we could share our views and experiences while enjoying pizza and drinks. In addition, I also learned how to make a modern popular token, and how to use smart contracts to realise the issuance and transfer of my tokens. This technique is of great significance for me to understand the commercial application and practice of blockchain. I realised that the tokenized economy is becoming a reality, and by creating their own tokens, businesses can attract more users and investors.

Through the group assignment, I had the opportunity to cooperate with my team members, we used the theoretical knowledge we learned, designed and developed a blockchain-based application, aiming to provide a blockchain application for the Wagyu beef vending business, such as deploying smart wagyu contracts and interacting with Wagyuchain networks. Through this project, I deeply understand the importance of the combination of theory and practice and realise the practical problems faced in practical application.

In the long run, I will strive to apply this knowledge in my future career, and actively participate in discussions and cooperation in real business scenarios. I believe that such a practice will enable me to achieve greater achievements in the blockchain field and lay a solid foundation for my future career development.