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I had a very limited understanding of blockchain technology. I initially assumed it involved only trading digital currency and other coins. however, this unit altered my perspective. I never realized how centralized things were, and I now find it impossible to ignore. People are unable to discern whether they are truly free or not because the lie is so obvious. I’ve watched a lot of enlightening films and have often pondered the question, “Can I really escape the matrix?” and Now I know the way to do it.

I now have a basic understanding of Blockchain technology thanks to this unit. I am aware of how it functions, how advantageous it is, and most definitely how it will develop in the future. I made an effort to tie this unit into my area of expertise, accounting, in order to produce something that is actually helpful. I developed a blockchain-based auditing concept, and this is the URL to my website- Furthermore, it is more than just an item of technology. It has the power to radically alter lives and give everything new significance. The “million dollar NFT” that the entire class produced together served as the ideal example of that. Being able to create something with everyone present on the same platform, using nothing but creativity instead of a framework, was an amazing experience. And It was shocking, how beautiful it turned out to be.

Being a part of this group makes me feel grateful. I’m hoping that I use the new perspective I’ve acquired and move forwards instead of retreating back into the cave. I intend to understand his technology better and use it in a way that reflects what it truly stands for, not just the technology itself.