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One of the main reasons I applied for a semester abroad at the UWA was the wide range of innovative and future-oriented courses. The BUSN5001 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies course in particular caught my excitement. As a master’s student in Management and Digital Technologies at LMU and through my previous bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, I have always seen myself at the intersection of business and technology. It is important to me to develop a comprehensive understanding of various technologies; however, my interest is not in technology development itself, but rather in finding applications for the technologies. Despite my specialization in digital technologies, I have had few contact points with blockchain previously.

That’s why I was all the more pleased to be able to attend a course over the past few months that was designed to precisely this end: to impart a basic understanding of blockchain and other Web3 technologies and to deal with concrete application scenarios. On top of that, with a professor who is considered a pioneer in this field and has a world-wide network in the Web3 space. 

In the lecture we dealt with the foundations of blockchain, philosophical questions about society, the use of wallets and the creation of NFTs while exploring the Metaverse with pizza and beer. Additionally, we got the opportunity to explore an own business opportunity in small teams. With my team, we demonstrated how using blockchain and other technologies can reverse the outdated global status quo of CVs with a potential impact on improving easier matchmaking for billions of employees and millions of employers across the globe (more:  

I am convinced that now is the right time to explore blockchain and its potential applications. We are still at the beginning of the technology, many use cases are not even apparent today, but the advantages and the disruptive potential beyond crypto hype cycles cannot be dismissed – blockchain is definitely here to stay.