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The Million Dollar Project represents a significant milestone for BTKN DAO UWA, marking the university’s first venture inspired by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and carrying profound significance. While the initial stages of the project may have seemed disorderly and lacking structure due to the variety of ideas brought forth by our 22 students, it eventually transformed into a cohesive and remarkable creation through collective wisdom and diverse thinking. This evolution exemplifies the adaptability and growth potential inherent in DAOs—the process of moving from chaos to harmony, driven by diversified yet collaborative efforts, a decentralized yet cohesive pattern, and ultimately, a shared goal with rewarding outcomes.

As a participant in The Million Dollar Project, the process of creation led me to contemplate the concept of DAO and its personal significance. I realized that DAO encapsulates the amalgamation of ideas, perspectives, and talents, amplifying their impact through shared decision-making and mutual cooperation. Similar to the borderless nature of the Web3 world, DAO transcends geographical boundaries and emerges directly through code, enabling ideas and work presented through DAO to have universal applicability. This inherent quality promotes inclusivity and accessibility to collectively created intellectual products, fostering diverse participation.

Furthermore, while the initiation of the project relied on the leadership of the initiator, the sustained growth and development of DAO requires the continued commitment and active participation of its members. In the context of The Million Dollar Project, the contributions and enthusiasm of our 22 students played a critical role in driving the project forward and accelerating its evolution. This journey aligns with the core principles of DAO – emphasizing the transformative power of collaboration, decentralized decision-making, and collective wisdom. It is precisely this potential of DAO to redefine traditional organizational structures like UWA that allows for more direct participation and creation from students, enabling us to receive our deserved rewards directly.

I eagerly anticipate the future of our DAO and the possibilities it will bring to us, to UWA, and even to the norms of the education system worldwide.