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After this semester’s study on blockchain and the experience of this million dollar project, I have a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and DAO. Decentralization technology is undoubtedly an innovative breakthrough, and its emergence first achieved the birth of virtual currency. According to the current development trend, blockchain technology is advancing to other industries. This has had an impact on many traditional institutions and government organizations, but there are still many people like us making efforts for the development and promotion of blockchain. This project of our group is to apply blockchain technology to improve the existing food supply chain environment, which is a good thing for consumers, but also touched the cake of many vested interests. There is also resistance in the actual implementation process.

Our million dollar project is to explore the problems encountered by the current development of blockchain technology, and to study the future development direction and strategic issues. I think the million dollar project is to gather the strength of most people from the level of promotion and research to provide impetus for the development of blockchain. It is a very interesting project, and I am also enjoying it.

I investigated the fascinating issue of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and their governance. It was intriguing to investigate how DAOs, which are largely based on blockchain technology, provide a unique approach to organisational administration that emphasises decentralisation and democratisation. Despite these encouraging qualities, they are not without obstacles. Among the most pressing challenges that DAOs must address are voter apathy, power consolidation, and decision-making deadlock. While some solutions exist, such as establishing explicit governance norms, it is obvious that this topic deserves greater investigation. I was particularly intrigued by the concept of ‘gamification’ and ‘delegated voting’ in DAO governance; it demonstrates how creativity can find a home even in serious concerns like governance. Furthermore, the emphasis on trust-building reinforces its universal value, independent of organisation type.Understanding DAOs has extended my view on organisational governance, prompting me to consider how traditional businesses may benefit from these practises.