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The unit blockchain and distributed ledger gives an overview on the brave new world of blockchain which is made possible by the kind guidance of our professor Andrzej. It has been an amazing opportunity to gather information around blockchain and systems associated with it. In this unit we learnt what blockchain is from a fundamental point of view in the first few weeks of the semester. We got to know how anyone on the network can review transactions that have been recorded on a blockchain since they are transparent. High levels of trust and accountability are made possible by this immutability and openness.

Throughout the unit we have gathered practical knowledge about creating wallet using Metamask which gave us great insights. We got to know to post artwork on OpeaSea through practical know how coordinated by our professor. I also learnt how to use smart contract with interactive sessions throughout the semester while enjoying pizza and drinks. In the team project we got an opportunity to see how far can we go with the idea of blockchain in the real world. Our team came up with really innovative ideas and we co-created VariCareer- a blockchain based portal for CV building and career growth. I had a really fun time coming with marketing ideas for the video presentation and our team did everything to make sure we create something exemplary.

We had online tests throughout the semester to brush up our theoretical knowledge on the unit along with a final quiz at the end of the semester. We got a great opportunity to co-create NFT using Canva and create a million dollar artwork with the association of the students of this unit. This further improved our creativity also giving us knowledge about NFT’s. Our professor came up with an idea of publishing a book on DAO with the contribution of all the students of this unit. He gave individual topics to each of the student in order to consolidate all of it together to create a book on DAO. This was an extremely gracious opportunity given to us by our professor as it made us feel that we may be a part of creating history.