Decentralised Knowledge Node at Work


Welcome to the Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network’s (BTKN) Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) at the University of Western Australia – an innovative project that is pushing the boundaries of knowledge entrepreneurship. Our mission stems from the BTKN framework for decentralised knowledge creation, dissemination, and application created by the community and for the community. We’re proud to be BTKN’s inaugural node.

Founded by dedicated students and lecturers of BUSN5001 (Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Business) in early 2023, our DAO stands as a testament to the spirit of innovation, building on previous efforts since 2018 to establish such an organisation. We are thankful to Eric Yu from Collectify for excellnt technical assistance. BTKN DAO UWA is currently not an incorporated entity but an experimental organisational structure privately funded and owned by its community.

Full membership in BTKN DAO at UWA is uniquely knowledge-based, primarily open to BUSN5001 students, alumni, as well as current and past teaching staff. This is facilitated through our Soul-Bound Token (SBT), an exclusive ID awarded to members. Two of our founding SBTs can be attained through our creative community’s groundbreaking initiative – the Million Dollar Project.

Do you want to learn about blockchain and web3 but are not currently enrolled in an UWA unit, such as BUSN5001? No worries. We warmly invite supporters and enthusiasts to join us through our unique NFT-based membership options. Come, learn and create with us – be part of our ambitious mission as we reimagine the knowledge economy, and pioneer a new path of learning and discovery.


 A Bit of Philosophy and lot of Blockchain

The Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Business unit has been a very informative and fun ride in my first semester. Like most people around the world, I got very interested in cryptocurrencies around 2021, when the surge in cryptocurrency (Dodge) shook...

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3 Months of Embracing Blockchain

3 Months of Embracing Blockchain

When I initially chose the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger class unit, it was fueled by a genuine curiosity about blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. These terms had always intrigued me, but their practical applications and potential remained unclear....

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