I feel very lucky to have participated in the study of BUSN5001 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Business. In this learning process, I have learned a lot of things that I have never been exposed to. Whether it is the understanding of blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or participating in the production of blockchain projects with team members, I have benefited a lot.On the other hand, the project that all members participated in is also very novel to me. I will share my experience and feelings below.

First of all, I am very grateful to Andrzej for bringing me many good memories, whether it is the content of learning, the projects, or eating pizza and drinks in class.

For me, in the process of learning BUSN5001, what impressed me the most is the application of blockchain. I recognize that blockchain technology has great potential to solve problems that exist in traditional systems. In traditional centralized systems, we often entrust personal information and property to third-party organizations, while blockchain provides a decentralized solution that enables individuals to better control their own data and property. This made me rethink the importance of personal privacy and data security.

So in the process of making a group project, I tried to combine blockchain with my favorite thing, which is games. The decentralized nature of the blockchain gives individuals more control and privacy protection. For gamers only, this becomes the best guarantee for them to exchange game content such as props, equipment or accounts – because using a third-party platform is likely to make them suffer.

The MDP project is the most interesting project I have ever been exposed to. It was a combination of ideas from all of us and when it was done I was blown away to see everyone’s masterpiece because I’ve never been a part of something like this and it makes me so proud.

I believe this will be of great help to my future study and work. I look forward to in-depth exploration and application of blockchain technology in the future to contribute to building a fairer, safer and more efficient society.